Anything, but politics.

A short introduction

My name is Gauvain Boiché. I’m from Brittany, and proud to be.

Occidentalism, Afrofuturism, Medieval Arabic...

I played video games for a long time now. There’s no universe I don’t know. Even the non-occidental ones. Ask me anything.

There’s no rules here.

Except for one.

I played many things, seen many things. But seeing and doing is not quite the same thing. And while I can take anything that was created, I can’t decide myself to create anything violent or sexual. My values never forbid me to watch them, but it forbids me to making any of those.

I can do weapons. Undies. But don’t consider me for making some blood SFX stylesheet, genitals or dead bodies. I hope you can understand.


I did a famous Video Game School back in my days. But now, I’m hungry. Back then, I was at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard in Belgium. Came out with an appreciation.

A man of sur-Prizes

On three GameJams I made, one did won the Prize of the Jury and the RTBF prize. My school project earned the Prize of the External Jury. I’m not a prize man. But if prizes are coming my way, it’s not for nothing.

Always ready to discuss your projects

No lazy bones, your time is the most valuable thing

In need for a Storyteller ? Don’t worry. My stories never bored anyone.