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05 / 2018

Communication Terminal

Before, Science Fiction was about making new stuff with old stuff. Just look at the first Alien. Old fancy computer with big fax-like font on a two color screen. It was the old charm that got lost with all the visual effects things from the new SciFi movies. Thin computer, transparent, with gadgets everywhere.

Well, enough ! I decided to make what could be a very SF new-with-old communication portable terminal.

You can see the old phone, with the wire. And a keen eye would recognize… a French Minitel ! Yap. No less that that.

Made in 3DS Max and Substance Designer.

04 / 2018

Ottoman Throne

This Ottoman Throne is a re-work of some project I made back in school. I would gladly show you the Before/After, but the ancient one is so awful, it could be a turnover for good. Please stay with this model in mind 🙂

03 / 2018

Muratori Sprayer

Muratori Sprayer is one of the many Muratori Sprayers available in the 60’s in France. My father bought one from an antique show for a small price, and I was catched up by this copper majesty, and decided to make it immortal.

You can compare this model to real ones here.

03 / 2018

Star Wars - Imperial Medals

Playing as Emperor on a frenchy website dedicated to Litterature Roleplaying setting up in the Star Wars universe, I wanted to add some lore to the Imperial faction by making some of the day-to-day encountering in Imperial Worlds.


You can find annotations and explanations here.

01 / 2018

Spider Worker

I first came to visit the Nantes’ Isle Machines in Christmas time, and wanted to make a tribute to the amazing work back there. I started working on a mecha spider supposed to work in mines in a futuristic world. This is still a Work In Progress ! Textures will change, a body is designed, and 3D will probably change a bit.

It is build to host complex animations, using LookAt constraints mostly for pistons.

01 / 2018

Star Wars - Custom Lightsabers

These Lightsabers are not used by customs ! More lith Dark Jedi and Sith. These were commissions made by some friends, but I worked on them like I would for a casual client, so there is no point in not seeing them here.

01 / 2018

Star Wars - TIE Runner ( Original Starship )

I started this project on Cinema 4D during my scholarship, but quickly left it aside. When I had time, I made up some changes and switched to 3DS Max. The project was quickly finished then. Being my first attempt at a high-scale detailed object, separating textures was a personnal combat against optimization, but somehow I managed to create a game-ready asset with more detailed textures than in Battlefront 1 or 2 ( some on some X-Wing in these, you’ll see more stretching than in a yoga lesson )

12 / 2017

Black Monolith

Black Monolith was a special project made after the (re)viewing of 2001 : A Space Odyssey. Which I love. Which I suggest you watch if you have not yet.

10 / 2017


A common barrel. A standard in 3D work. The global making of the model, including textures did not take up more than 5 hours.

10 / 2017

Far West Saloon

This is still a Work In Progress ! Wanting to make a far west scene after the coming out of Thunderbird by Nightrunner, I strated to work on this Saloon, first and central element of any far-west town. This is the first time I managed to make huge-scale wood texture, but this is still in development.

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