Traditionnal Work

As any Infographist who respects himself, I can do other works besides 3D. I learned to use Photoshop when I was a kid not even in high school, before having my way on Illustrator and all that kind of traditionnal stuff.

Here, you can have a look at some visuals I made.

Star Wars Fan Roleplaying Site

Adobe Photoshop

After more than 10 years of existence, what is the biggest francophone roleplaying Star Wars community wanted to be modern for once, having a fully responsive web design, strong back and front-end visual… and a visual identity for partners and for the community. Being part of that community, I felt utterly qualified to bring some visual identity to the website.

I designed modern and pure stuff to distribute on others roleplaying forums, making it a 2018 up-to-date forum, with epurate and classy logo, presentation texts and flat-design blocks.

You can see my Photoshop skills here.

Star Wars Fan Roleplaying Site

Adobe Illustrator

This same website had a need for completly new maps for the Star Wars Galaxy. As they were no modern french translation of any Star Wars Map, or deprecated ones, we decided to make our own, full modern, responsive and ready-to-code.

I decided to move the work on Illustrator and work from scratch on a highly detailed map containing all of our playable planets.

The result was saved in SVG and can be ready to embed code and animations, as the XML is already generated and groups are fully named and well separated.

Star Wars Fan Roleplaying Site


As the leader of the Imperial Faction ( no less than that, yes ) I thought it was my duty to make a full history of what the non-canon forum had to display. So I took up the work in Adobe InDesign and designed a booklet, taking inspiration directly from The Book of The Sith ( here is a sample ) with annotations, pictures and style.

This project is actually under conversion for a full product with high details and better accurancy in the context of the forum.

All of these works were showed with the authorization of the rightful owner of, as these were made as part of a Creative Common collective work.

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