Playing "Sentient"
from Daniel James Taylor
Video Game "Factorio"

Because, sometimes, you have to remind yourself – and the others – that you can just take a pencil to make things work.

« Meca Project » in Photoshop. First attempt at materials shading, and first background making.

My first serious creation sheet with layouting objects ! Made with Copic markers.

I find confidence and pursued the Copic experience.

… and finally found my style.

… until it came to some storyboard work ( for a fake project as an exam )

… with a character sheet to produce. But this time with Promarker markers.

As I am not a master of character design ( too… organic ) I attempted to make this lady. No detail. Minimalistic. In Photoshop.

Our teacher tested us on a Speed Painting process, during 3 hours. On the subject « Door ». Well, guess I won’t get it on my house soon.

And finally, my First ( and almost last ) attempt on Autodesk Sketchbook. Quick design ( less than 30 minutes )

Logos and personnal Design