Playing "Sentient"
from Daniel James Taylor
Video Game "Factorio"
3D Real Time

A tribute to Star Wars, and what made it so special : the Light Sabers ( sometimes called Light Swords ) carried by Force users, Jedi and Sith alike.

Hieroglyphs Lightsaber

Made by a pure-blood Sith, craved with traditionnal alphabet from his culture.

Padawan Lightsaber

Simple, plain, with affordable materials. Any apprentice came up with his first lightsaber, but certainly not the last one.

Hermit Lightsaber

Deeply in the woods, you have to build some lightsaber with what you find : metal from wreckages, leather from beasts and chains from what may have be carried by some local slaves.

Engineer Lightsaber

Sometimes, you are so proud of your work on your lightsaber that you just make a transparent block so your cristal is widely seen. Even more when you are a Sith carrying a red cristal-powered lightsaber.

Clockwork Lightsaber

Made in Switzerland !

3D Real Time