Playing "Sentient"
from Daniel James Taylor
Video Game "Factorio"

Starting as a roleplaying game, it quickly became what would be a test-field for my computer graphics skills.

You can find what it is about here ( beware it is a french-only website )

Designing of a Guide for beginners

popup image

Some serious design – military style

popup image

Another serious design – from a dictature now

popup image

Warrior / traditionnal design for the Mandalorians

popup image

Personnal diary from the greenest Jedi, it is. Take it seriously, you should.

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Economical format. Totally legit !

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Yeah, I know. Still, Papyrus was fitted for this one job of transcripting Sith thoughts on… papyrus !

I own myself the design ; we were a team for the writings. You can see the full team by seeing the live version of the Guide here.

Communication for outside is also important. And for special events, you have to put your hands in the dirt too.

Software used were :

  • Adobe Photoshop ( Logo, Partners square, Organigram, SWOR Awards, Happy New Year )
  • Adobe Illustrator ( Planet Map, Chronological band )

Where is all began : The officiel Logo of the Forum.

Outside communication. Partners mostly, but also advertisement websites.

Some Chronological band to gather every useful informations.

Custom-made map of all of the Planets we can play on. The most difficult part was the translation.

We like to reward our best players. So here is the sessions of the « SWOR Awards », our version of the Oscars.

Some compact Organigram to understand the mighty of the Empire.

And a Happy New Year !… 2018.